Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To: Fake Domestic Perfection

  Hola Gorgeous!
How are ya this lovely day? I have been a raging clean freak as I am sure Lil will be gracing us sooner than we thought. Now, I will be honest, I can be quite messy at times. I am such a contradiction. I would love to say I'm the Latina Martha Stewart but, truth be told, I'm nowhere near that amount of domestic perfection. I am learning though so I thought I'd share a few things that have me looking like a "Domestic Goddess" which is no easy feat.

Cleaning Schedule
I found a few I liked on Pinterest and reworked them to my own needs and schedule. Find what works for you. I have a small casa over run with Bebes and a not so clean Hubby so I prefer to deep clean as much as I can, especially our bathroom (since it's shared by a 5yr old boy, hard working man, and a 2yr old lil princess trying to potty train that gets into everything)! You may be able to get away with a once a month deep clean (I envy you!), don't feel the need to stretch yourself thin and be sure to schedule your free days.

In order to make sure I stick to the schedule, I printed out my schedule, framed it, and hung it on my fridge with magnets(a quick & easy DIY).

Here are a few I really liked:
Free Printable from Squirrelly Minds
Cleaning Schedule from Diary of a Moody Housewife
Cleaning Calendar from Bakerette

Gather Your Tools
I am fabulously frugal and try to be eco friendly so I shy away from disposable products like the Swiffer Cleaning Supplies and anything you have to repurchase. I am in love with the concept and ease of Swiffers products though, so I purchased tools with similar ease but that had a reuseable cloth.

If you are just starting out or want to streamline your Cleaning Routine,
I recommend:

I really like the Casabella brand. There is something for everyone and at different price points. From stores like Crate & Barrel to Ross, You can definitely stay on a budget using a product you can depend on. These are the items in my own tool basket so I know they work!

Cleaning Solutions
I am quite sensitive to the smell of cleaning products, not to mention, they can get a bit pricey. I tend to have my faves that I stick with and, when it comes to household cleaners, knockoffs rarely work as great. To save money and still get the name brands I like, I clip coupons. That is until I found my secret weapon! I will share this magic cleaning solution if you promise to try it yourself and share it with everyone you know....Do we have a deal?

"Secret Weapon"
Mix equal parts Dawn Dish Soap, Distilled White Vinegar, & Hot Water!
This can be used everywhere and anywhere, it seriously works better than anything else, and is super gentle on the nose. 

You can find lots of great DIY Cleaning Products on Pinterest, if you haven't checked out my Better Housewife Board I recommend doing so only because I have so many great tips I've found all in one place. 

My Fave DIY Cleaners can be found

Are you ready to glam up your Casa to a sparkling finish? Do you have any great tips or tricks to fake being a "Domestic Goddess"? I am in desperate need of an easier way to clean blinds so if you know how please share! Muchas Gracias!

Have A Fabulous Day Gorgeous!!!!

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